What is Bedford TV?

Bedford TV is membership based, non-profit community access television station serving the town of Bedford. Our studio is centrally located at Old Town Hall on South Road. The Bedford TV mission is to make media available, reflective and responsive to the needs of our community. We broadcast on three channels on both Comcast and Verizon cable systems.

Comcast Channels 8 and 99 broadcast video programming and Comcast Channel 9 displays the Community Bulletin Board.

Verizon Channels 38 and 40 broadcast video programming and Verizon Channel 39 displays the Community Bulletin Board

Where is Bedford TV?

Directions to Bedford TV: From Route 128/95 take exit 31B towards Bedford (Rte 4 and 225) Follow about 3 miles into the center of Bedford. When you reach the Town Common you will be at a light. Take a left at the light onto South Road. We are the first building on your left #16. Go down the driveway to the back of the building and enter through rear door. We are on the second floor. See the map here.

What is the Community Bulletin Board? How do I get a message on the Community Bulletin Board?

The Community Bulletin Board (CBB) is a service maintained by Bedford TV for publicizing non-commercial, non-partisan notices, activities, and events of interest and / or benefit to residents of Bedford. Anyone wishing to post Bedford based notices and events on the Community Bulletin Board, please contact us at events(at)bedford.tv. Submissions can take up to a week to post; it is recommended to submit requests 3-4 weeks in advance of event. We also display bulletins that showcase our Community Partners which thanks them for their contribution.

How do I get a show on Bedford TV?

Program Producer

Individuals, families, organizations and businesses of Bedford can become Bedford TV members, take training classes and produce their own shows!

Program Presenter

If you live, work or study in Bedford, you can present a show that may have been produced elsewhere. Just fill out a Program Release Form and drop the show off to Bedford TV studios.

How do I get someone to video my event?

The best way is to do it yourself. Bedford TV has some volunteers that might be available to help you. Our staff also covers events around town. Please contact us for more information: staff(at)bedford.tv

Can I buy a copy of a program on Bedford TV

The cost is $10.00 per DVD. Please contact staff(at)bedford.tv

Do I have to use Bedford TV equipment and editing? What kind of equipment can I use?

If you have a camcorder or editing system at home you are welcome to use those and simply submit the final show to Bedford TV for cablecasting (on air). You can use any type of video or editing equipment as long as the final show is on the accepted format for submission.

What format can I submit a show on?

Shows can be submitted on DVD or as a quicktime or Mpeg2 file on a drive.


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