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Are you and your friends the smartest people you know? Prove it at the second annual Bedford TV trivia night. 

Trivia Winners!

Winners of the 2017 Bedford TV Trivia Night

$150 per team, up to six players per team. This year the winner will receive a trophy, in addition to other amazing prizes!

Tivia Rules

  • Teams consist of up to 6 people, maximum.
  • Trivia lasts approximately 2 hours, 3 rounds consisting of 25 questions per round
  • The trivia host will read each question aloud twice and questions will appear on the screen. Teams should try to write down an answer after each question. After each round, the questions will be handed out to give you a few more minutes to answer what you may have missed
  • Two minutes after the questions have been handed out at the end of the round, you will switch answer sheets with a team next to you in order to correct them.  
  • Before beginning the next round, the trivia host will review the answers to the previous round and you will correct another team’s sheet
  • When you get your sheet back, check the answers and check the math then pass them up to a BTV staff member.  We’ll track scores.
  • The team with the highest total score will be awarded a prize pack at the conclusion of scoring the final round.  Other prizes will also be awarded for Best Team Name and other surprise 
  • No calling out answers
  • No cell phones! Using the Internet to look up answers isn’t just unfair or unsportsmanlike, it’s cheating!
  • Answers do not need to be spelled correctly but we have to know what you mean.
  • Partial answers will be accepted (e.g. last name only) unless explicitly requested by the M.C.
  • The decisions of the judges are final.